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Osteoporosis is a condition in which bones gradually lose their density and strength, causing them to become weak and easily fractured. Osteoporosis is a special threat to women, and as a woman goes through menopause her rate of bone loss increases, putting her at a greater risk of fracture. Building strong bones early in life with diet and exercise helps to prevent this disease, but family genetics and lifestyle play an important role in the development of osteoporosis.

It is recommended that all women aged 65 or greater undergo bone mineral density testing. This testing can also be done sooner for postmenopausal women who have risk factors. The DEXA scan is used to measure the bone density of your spine or hip, and is currently the most accurate test available.

There are many treatment options available to reduce the risk of fracture. Talk with your doctor about ways to prevent, diagnose, and treat osteoporosis.

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