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Girl Talk: Video FAQ

What are my birth control options while breastfeeding?

Dr. Amanda Rodemann says that as you and baby learn the ropes of breastfeeding, it is important to also choose a birth control that is safe for breastfeeding. She explains the benefits and risks of the various types of birth control. Watch Video

What are my options for contraception?

Dr. Brandi Nichols says there are many options available for birth control or contraception. She tells about the variety of options that are available. She encourages anyone who is interested in starting or changing birth control to discuss the pros and cons with her physician. Watch Video

What can cause vaginal discharge?

Dr. Jodi Berendzen says this is the topic that all women worry about at some point in their lives. Vaginal discharge can be totally normal or it can signal that something is wrong. Dr. Berendzen explains how to recognize the difference. Watch Video

When should I have a Pap smear?

Dr. Brandi Nichols says that an annual exam used to be for getting your yearly Pap smear. With the new Pap smear recommendations, that is no longer the case. Dr. Nichols explains the various guidelines. Watch Video

Why do I bleed after sex?

Dr. Jodi Berendzen says the cause of bleeding after sex can be broken down into three categories – bleeding from the vagina, cervix, or uterus. Dr. Berendzen explains the causes for each category. Watch Video

When should a woman have her first visit to a gynecologist?

Dr. Jodi Berendzen says there is no set age when a girl needs to see a gynecologist for the first time. However, she typically starts seeing girls in their mid-to-late teenage years. She covers the range of topics that are discussed during a GYN visit. Watch Video

Why am I leaking?

Dr. Amanda Rodemann says that many women are embarrassed to talk to their doctor about urinary leakage. She explains how changes in the body can cause stress incontinence. It is very common and can be fixed both non-surgically and surgically. She emphasizes that you do not have to live with this. Watch Video

What are some common complaints during pregnancy?

Dr. Amanda Rodemann agrees that pregnancy can sure make your body do some strange things. She explains the difference between what normal symptoms are and the times when a patient should contact her doctor. Watch Video

What is considered an abnormal period?

Dr. Brandi Nichols explains the parameters of a normal period to understand what might be abnormal. She stresses that anyone who is concerned that her period is not normal should talk with her physician. Watch Video

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